About Cute As A Button

Cute as a Button began as a fantasized dream for a school convention; it quickly escalated into so much more. We enjoy making our own organic lip balms; especially testing them! Hearing people at the marketplace exclaim, "This feels so good!" after trying our samples made all of us smile. We hope to continue creating organic and hand sewn products for our customers to enjoy.


-The Cute as a Button Girls

The Cute as a Button Team
Mary Claire


As a Junior, I enjoy my art classes as well my science courses. Outside of classes, I am a coxswain on our school’s rowing team and spend any free time at a pool or on the lake with my family. 

As a Junior in High School, I am passionate about science and learning about our local river and waterways. After school I am involved in our school’s rowing team, and I love to dance and mountain bike. 

Abbey Katelyn

I am in my Junior year of high school and my favorite classes are world history and algebra. Outside of school, I love to row on our school's rowing team, as well as bike, sew, dance, knit,  and run.


I am a Junior in high school and my favorite classes are english and biology. I enjoy being a coxswain for our school's rowing team. Additionally, I also like to hike, kayak, write, garden, and sew.